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Trip home from church

Except for the first few pictures, I took these on the way back to the Hotel from church today (Oct 10, 2004).  Click on a tumbnail to see the full size version.

Path to work.

Some of us walk through this pedestrian path on our way to work.

Towing Car

This is the most common method of towing a car.


The arm broke with the Mercedes in the air. It took three hours for them to get the car back down.

Marriot at Night

I am staying in the room with the three glowing windows on the 2nd to top floor.

Marriot at Night 2

Entrance to church

The entrance is on the back of the building with no sign. I walked around for hours my first Sunday to find it.


The entrance is on the right side of the round room on the building. The round room is not part of the church.


The Jauza river in northeast Moscow. The river divides the highway.


Some ducks in the Jauza river.

What road?

This building crosses the sidewalk and most of one lane of traffic. This is a busy three line highway on the Jauza river.

What road 2?

This is the other side of the corner.


I was walking down the sidewalk and looked up to see this trolley coming towards me.

Pedrestrian Overpass

This Jauza river overpass is still under construction.


The sign says stop. C is S and the upside down U is P in Russian. Not only do they have new symbols but the sound represented by many is changed. I'm not sure if it means stop.

More Room

Notice how many of the balconies have been enclosed.

Pedestrian Walkway

This is in the Sokoniki area where I get off the Metro for church.

Metro Entrance


This escalator goes down about 10 stories to the Metro tunnel.


This is on the ceiling in a Metro station.

Stained Glass

In a Metro station.

Florescent Lights

Florescent Lights

Interesting light design in this Metro station.


There are pigeons all over Moscow. At church last week the speaker from Salt Lake was telling about raising pigeons. The guy next to me couldn't understand why anyone would raise pigeons.

Fine Dining

This is across from the Marriott Hotel. Notice the popular Mexican restaurant on the lower right.

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